Night Owls Babysitting Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
1. Night Owls Babysitting is an introduction agency. Address 12 Seedling Place, Great Eccleston, Lancashire, PR3 0DN
2. The introductory service provided by Night Owls Babysitting is referred to as the “Service”.
3. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, persons booked for childcare services through Night Owls Babysitting are referred to as Contractors.
4. Persons who contract with Night Owls Babysitting for the purpose of hiring persons booked through Night Owls Babysitting are referred to as Service Users.

The Service we provide:
1. Night Owls Babysitting provides a child carer introduction services and will endeavour to introduce to the Service User, Contractors on Night Owls Babysitting’s register. Night Owls Babysitting undertakes to ensure that all Contractors on the register have been carefully selected and have demonstrated satisfactory previous experience with children, childcare employment and/or relevant childcare training.
2. Night Owls Babysitting shall use it's reasonable endeavours to verify all references provided by the Contractor. However, Night Owls Babysitting is unable to provide any warranty or make any representation of any kind as to the character, age, history, competence or suitability of the Contractor. The Service User undertakes to keep Night Owls Babysitting and any provider of short-term accommodation where the babysitting takes place fully and effectively indemnified against all costs, claims and damages expenses and liabilities whatsoever arising from the Contractors act, omission, default or negligence.

Night Owls Babysitting’s selection procedure includes the following:
1. An initial application by email, c.v. or phone call, however, all applicants are asked to complete a written/typed application form.
2. Identity checks by sight of documents and records supporting the applicant’s identity followed by a face to face interview.
3. Two written references are then taken, if possible at least one reference to be in a childcare capacity.
4. The application and notes of the references received are finally reviewed, approved and signed off by the Proprietor of Night Owls Babysitting before each successful Contractor is admitted to Night Owls Babysitting’s register
5. The applicant Contractor will also be required to provide a DBS (CRB) disclosure certificate dated within 3 years of the date of application, if the Contractor does not have one to provide, then he or she will be directed to apply for and provide one before the selection procedures can be completed.  Please be aware that DBS/CRB is a snapshot and can only tell you if there are no previous convictions and doesn't guarantee that no such convictions will happen in the future. Once a babysitter is on the register they will not be required to check their DBS continually, although many do as they work within schools and education etc.

1. Night Owls Babysitting will always use its best endeavours to fill a booking providing a minimum of six hours’ notice is given. Wherever possible Night Owls Babysitting will ensure that the Service User’s bookings are offered to their preferred Contractor(s) first.
2. The Service User accepts that Contractors on Night Owls Babysitting’s register are casual workers and Night Owls Babysitting is not able to require any particular individual to work at any time or for any particular Service User.
3. If a booking has been made and the babysitter cancels, in the unlikely event we are unable to find a replacement your booking fee will be refunded and your next booking fee will be free.

1. The Service User pays a registration fee which includes the first booking fee, in return the Service User is permitted to book Contractors on Night Owls Babysitting’s Register to work for the Service User provided they pay the booking fee.
2. A booking is defined as a scheduled start and finish time within a 24 hour period. On each booking Night Owls Babysitting charges a booking fee for finding a Contractor for the Service User. A booking fee is paid for prior to or at the same time as the booking is made.
3. The current Contractor fees are £10.00 per hour for daytime/evening babysits within the residential home and £15ph for hotel/holiday work. There are additional fees for more than three children and for infants under 1 with other children, please see the FAQ section. Other fees for listed special days may incur an additional fee.
4. Minimum booking is 3 hours and you will be charged for a Minimum of 3 hours upon early return.

Cancellation policy
Babysitter bookings:
If the Service User cancels the booking before the day, then only the booking fee will be applicable.
For any “on the day” cancellations, we ask that you give the sitter two hours, by way of a cancellation fee.

Service User’s Arrangements with Contractors
1. Night Owls Babysitting acts as an introduction and booking agency only and does not employ child carers or any Contractors booked by Service Users.
2. The Service User is responsible for establishing the terms and conditions of the booking with the Contractor.
3. The Service User and the Contractor are both at all times responsible for ensuring that any tax and national insurance contributions obligations are met.

Health & Safety
1. The Service User and Contractor should carry out any appropriate risk assessment.  The Service User should investigate their home insurance cover in relation to the Contractor’s Services.  Night Owls Babysitting is not responsible for the health and safety within the Service User’s home, hotel or holiday accommodation nor for providing insurance for either the Service User or Contractor.
2. The Service User should ensure that they give clear instructions regarding the care of the children, in particular as to the administration of any medicines, creams etc. The Contractor will ask the Service User to complete a ‘Contact Sheet’ detailing instructions before they leave.
3. Night Owls Babysitting endeavours to provide varied, fun and safe activities for children within the home and at hotel and holiday accommodation babysittings (if appropriate/required). Obviously in any activities, accidents can occur. Night Owls Babysitting has a strict accident procedure to ensure all parents are fully informed of any accidents involving their child(ren). Night Owls Babysitting cannot be held liable for any costs incurred in seeking treatment recommended by a doctor following an incident and these costs need to be claimed in the normal way via your family’s travel insurance.

1. In paying a Registration Fee the Service User undertakes to make all bookings with Contractors through Night Owls Babysitting. Private approaches to Contractors are not permitted without the agreement of Night Owls Babysitting. If a Service User is found to have made an offer of childcare employment to a Contractor beyond the scope of the original booking made through Night Owls Babysitting, the Service User’s registration and any bookings will be cancelled with immediate effect. No refund of registration fees or babysitting fees paid will be made and no further bookings will be accepted. The Service User will be liable in damages to Night Owls Babysitting to compensate Night Owls Babysitting in respect of all past present and future losses which Night Owls Babysitting suffers by reason of any breach of the undertaking above to a maximum sum of £1000.
2. The Service User accepts that Night Owls Babysitting’s responsibility is to introduce Contractors who have demonstrated previous satisfactory childcare experience or have been trained in childcare.
3. The Service User is responsible for the instruction and direction of the Contractor for the duration of the babysitting appointment. The Service User is responsible for ensuring the Contractor clearly understands the needs of the Service User’s children and the Service User’s expectations of the Contractor’s performance of duties.
4. Night Owls Babysitting has no responsibility for an Contractor’s acts or omissions when under the direction of the Service User except where these could reasonably have been identifiable from the Night Owls Babysitting selection procedure or as a result of other information received by Night Owls Babysitting.
5. In the event that a Contractor is booked and, for reasons beyond the Night Owls Babysitting’s control, cancels at short notice or fails to arrive at the appointed time, Night Owls Babysitting will use its best endeavors to find another Contractor for the Service User. In the event that it is not possible to refill the booking, no booking fee will be charged and a refund will be provided or an extension of their paid booking fee which can be used at another time will be offered.
6. The agency is not responsible for any loss suffered as a result of the Contractor’s failure to keep the appointment except where Night Owls Babysitting has failed to use reasonable care in confirming the details of the appointment with the Contractor.
7. While the Service User contracts with a Contractor from an introduction made by Night Owls Babysitting, in any event the Service User undertakes to reimburse Night Owls Babysitting fully for all costs, claims, damages, and liabilities whatsoever arising from the Service User’s wrong doing or negligence.
8. Night Owls Babysitting is not responsible for any insurance cover over registered Contractors. We suggest
 Contractors consider taking out Public and Products Liability as a babysitter when they enter their registration with the Agency but this is not a specified requirement.
9. It is extremely reassuring for applicant families to hear your feedback. We reserve the right to publish any correspondence meant as feedback with regard to Night Owls Babysitting’s service or the services of the Contractor(s). We will never mention full names and addresses.
10. In case of any dispute English law shall apply

Privacy Policy
At Night Owl Babysitters we value your privacy and also the security of your data. Information that you give to us when registering will be used only for the provision of childcare and babysitting services.  All of your data is stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Night Owls Babysitters will not share any of your information with any other company or business for marketing or any other purpose at any time. Unless required to do so by law.

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